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Sophie Beaudry, BSc, RMT, CSMTA (SCM)

Hello and welcome! My name is Sophie, and I’m the Massage Therapist in this neck of the woods.

I am a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) specializing in Sports Massage Therapy. I have a BScH in Biomedical Biology from Laurentian University and a diploma of honours in Massage Therapy from Collège Boréal. I am currently pursuing my Fellowship with the Canadian Sports Massage Therapy Association, continuously enhancing my knowledge and skills within the industry on a regular basis. 

I am honored to be the designated RMT for the Sudbury Wolves and Sudbury Five, where I can be found at most games providing treatments before, during, and after games.

With a commitment to ongoing education and a passion for sports, I remain current with the latest research and advancements in Sports Massage Therapy to ensure the highest quality of care for my clients. My approach is personalized and tailored to each client's needs, aiming to empower athletes to perform at their peak and prevent injuries, enabling them to excel in their respective sports.


Feel free to reach me at if you have any questions.

I look forward to meeting you :)


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A little more about me...


  • Honors Bachelor of Science Specializing in Biomedical Biology (Laurentian University)

  • Diploma in Massage Therapy (Collège Boréal)


  • Fueled by coffee

  • Boy mama to 1+twins

  • Animal lover (proud mama to a golden fur-baby)

  • Shut my brain off by running

  • Research enthusiast

  • Artsy-fartsy

  • Tattoo collector

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